When you are going through a relationship breakdown, negotiating with the partner you are separating from can be tough. It’s become a common practice for separating couples to reach a deadlock during negotiation.

When the couple tries to work out a way when their relationship comes to an end, no progress is possible in such a situation.

In this post, we will help you understand some tips on how you can deal with this situation. Have a look:

Get into problem-solving mode

You should try to get away from a win or lose style of negotiation. In addition, let yourself aside from combative or competitive negotiation. All you need to focus on finding a solution that can work for both of you. Breaking more significant issues into bite-sized chunks can make the matter more manageable.

Look for positives

If you get stuck while negotiating with the partner, or the feelings of failure compound, take help from a family law solicitor near your area. Try to find out the common ground between you and your partner, so that the issues can be easily managed.

Gather information

If you are stuck on deciding the issue, gather some information before resolving the issue. In fact, it is challenging to make sound decisions about how you go forward in the relationship, when information is missing, unclear, or misunderstood.

Understanding the context

Try not to make assumptions. There are times when negotiations reach a dead end due to lack of understanding about the other partner’s worries and anxieties. In such situations, try to understand where you both are hailing from an emotional and practical point of view. The empathy towards each other can help you reach a solid decision. 

Consider the alternatives

If you can’t find a solution together, open doors to other options available. These options can include mediation, hybrid mediation, collaborative process, round table meetings with lawyers, early neutral evaluation, a private financial dispute resolution meeting, arbitration or a family courtroom. Before choosing an option, understand the pros and cons of each option.

How far apart you are

The distance between you and your partner may not be as significant as it seems. This may sometimes help to draw up a visual aid to illustrate the difference between you both in reality. The amount of time, stress, and cost you are giving to resolve the issue might not be worthy. Above all, the outcome also might not be enough for both of you to live with. 

Time and space

The issues you are negotiating with your partner might have engrossed in years that not necessarily be resolved quickly. It will take time. Sometimes deadlock in negotiation can be reach exhaustion. Therefore, give yourself some time and each other some space; this eventually will lead you to take a step forward in the relationship.

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