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About Legal Index Ireland


We are a market-leader in the provision of marketing legal services using artificial intelligence (A.I.).
We have retained our own team of industry-renowned computer specialists who have developed our product from years of experience gained in developing dozens of similar products in other countries across all commercial sectors in the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific as well as the Russian Federation.

This innovative, multidisciplinary, sector-led approach has allowed us to leverage the expertise honed in other areas of the business world, to deliver to the Irish legal market a truly unparalleled product derived from trusted computer scientists with a proven track record of excellence in service-delivery across disparate markets in multiple jurisdictions.

We have pioneered the concept of the “A.I.-ranked platform” in the Irish legal market to assure, for the first time, that law firms that use our platform and avail of our unique, artificial intelligence-led technology, will be returned first on page 1 of Google for the area of law in which they choose to specialise in through Legal Index Ireland.


The founders of Legal Index Ireland are practicing solicitors and, as such, have an implicit understanding of the legal landscape in Ireland.

We understand that the concept of A.I. is both new and not particularly well known. We are conscious that this lack of knowledge may engender a certain level of distrust amongst some practitioners. That is why we have engineered Legal Index Ireland specifically with the busy practitioner in mind. We understand your concerns because we have lived them for many years.

We are acutely aware that in the provision of online services the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. All other concerns are secondary to this consideration.

Our core values -Integrity, Innovation, and Understanding – are principles we hold dear and underpin our belief-structure. By adhering to their tenets every day, we can ensure that our standards and professionalism remain consistently strong.

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