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Difference Between a Solicitor & Barrister/ How to Become a Barrister/ Criminal Barristers Wexford

There are some basic differences between a Barrister and a Solicitor. Solicitor When people talk about going to see their lawyer, it is usually a solicitor that they will contact. Solicitors can work for a b...

05 July, 2021
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Is there such a thing as a good divorce? How long does a divorce take? Divorce solicitors Waterford

I got divorced in another country – is my divorce recognised in Ireland? Divorces granted in most EU member states are generally automatically recognised here without the need for a court application. Howeve...

04 July, 2021
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WATCH: Can I Divorce Without a Solicitor? Can Divorce Ever Be a Good Thing? Divorce Solicitors Cork

Under the 1996 Family Law Divorce Act and other laws, the court must decide how to deal with a party's pension and assets and how to share the shares corresponding to them. In some cases, one spouse may receive...

15 June, 2021
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WATCH: How to break the cycle of Domestic Violence/ Domestic Violence Solicitors Midleton Cork

The type of evidence that is required to be accessible is a letter from a doctor or nurse. The letter must confirm that the applicant or the examined person (the nurse) has suffered injuries or conditions consi...

14 June, 2021
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WATCH: Can men be victims of domestic violence? Domestic Violence Solicitors Tallaght Dublin VIDEO

Coercive control is a crime. It is the very heart of domestic abuse. It does not have to be physical to be abuse. Domestic abuse and coercive control is a persistent and deliberate pattern of behaviour by an a...

14 June, 2021
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Can you go to jail for not paying Maintenance? Maintenance Payments/ Family Solicitors Fermoy Video

What Is Maintenance? All parents have a legal obligation for the maintenance of their dependent children, in accordance with their means. The legal obligation is the same for all parents, whether they are marri...

12 June, 2021
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How do I choose a family law solicitor?/ Family law solicitors Cork/ Buckley Law Solicitors

There are lots of Solicitors who undertake Family Law work. How do you choose who will be best for you? You need to know how they will work and what they will charge. You need to know what their style is, and...

31 May, 2021
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Is Coercive Control a Crime in Ireland? Family Law Solicitors Cork

Domestic abuse isn’t always physical. Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim. T...

30 May, 2021
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What Does Coercive Mean in a Relationship? What are Coercive Tactics Family Law Solicitors Cork City

Domestic abuse Domestic abuse is violence or another form of abuse by a person against another person that they are, or were, in an intimate relationship with. The abuse may be physical, sexual, psychological, ...

27 May, 2021