Ten reasons to have a shareholder’s agreement

If you are setting up your own business, you must have a heady mix of excitement and anxiety that encourages you to do more. Boarding on a joint venture with a friend or business partner requires constant commitment and cooperation to get success. However, if things...

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Things to remember when negotiating with the spouse

When you are going through a relationship breakdown, negotiating with the partner you are separating from can be tough. It’s become a common practice for separating couples to reach a deadlock during negotiation.When the couple tries to work out a way when their...

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Negligence from a solicitor can hurt your case

On many occasions, we find ourselves, struggling to find professional advice in financial, legal, and technical cases. Sometimes, the problems are so acute that if we're given the right direction, we can really find ourselves in a comfortable position. Unfortunately,...

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How to avoid breakdown during divorces?

Divorces are probably the most traumatizing events that not only cause emotional stress but also affect your finances. It is almost unimaginable to consider starting a new life with whatever is left by.For couples based in Ireland, going through separation can be even...

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Is legal separation a good option to divorce?

Most married couples see legal separation as a good alternative for divorces. Some of these couples assume that legal separation is a step below which may help them resolve their issues.To resolve issues, married couples view legal separation as a mediating time that...

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6 Qualities of a good solicitor

Getting hold of a solicitor who depicts qualities of a perfect legal advisor and also matches your requirements can be an extremely exhaustive job. It takes years for good solicitors to learn the secrets of the trade and build a reputation in their industry.While in...

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Reasons for hiring a family law solicitor

Attorneys that specialize in representing people in their cases related to divorces, child custody, legal separation, family abuse and more are called family law solicitors. People who are looking for professional support to take represent their cases in legal courts...

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Benefits of hiring the best criminal law solicitors

People who have been charged of criminal assault understand the importance of hiring professional legal help, irrespective of whether they have decided to plead guild or not. The truth is, that in either situations, hiring a good attorney can really affect the outcome...

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Legal tips to setting up your new venture

Entering into a new business ventures require a lot of legal obligation that entrepreneurs are required to fulfil. To start with, figure out the base model of your business and the industry it will be categorized in. This will help you understand how you can run your...

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Factors that determine a substandard law firm

While the judgement of a law suit principally depends on the case itself, sometimes, cases that have highest possibility of winning are lost at the hands of a poor legal team. It won’t be wrong to say that not all solicitors are equally good. There is a pattern that...

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Choosing the best solicitor in your neighbourhood

Appointing the right law firm for your legal suit is similar to hiring any other professional services, your decision should be based on a thorough research of the firms you shortlist. This research can be directed to the category of law they practice, their code of...

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