Family law essentially deals with issues that you have been facing on your domestic fronts. The most common lawsuits are based on property settlements, followed by divorces, child custody, adoption and more. A considerable number of cases every month are accounted to family law, swarming these courts with a large number of people. Normally, most of these cases are either related to divorces or property settlements.

The sensitivity of these lawsuits makes it even more important to pick out the best solicitor to represent your case. Exploring as many options as you can, is a great way of going about hiring an attorney.

You will obviously ask for clarity on the legal services, paralegal services, and the billing cycle before your solicitor starts working on your case. Your decision, however, should never be based on fees.

Let’s look at a few factors you may want to consider before you hire a family law solicitor:

Are you inviting trouble by choosing an ethically violated solicitor?

For every law category that exists, solicitors are held in high regard by the way they practice law. This includes the manner in which they provide services to their clients, their respect towards the court and their prosecutor. Also, as among the representative of the legal authority, solicitors also hold responsibility for their actions against the general public. Most importantly, legal advisors can also violate the law by portraying inappropriate behavior towards their legal profession and their fellow members.

Usually, solicitors who are sanctioned for ethical violation can be suspended from their duties, sent on probation for an indefinite period and in extreme cases also result in revoking of their license to practice law. If you are looking for the Best Family Law Solicitor in Dublin, take a look at the next section:

Questions to ask

If you are seeking a solicitor for legal separation, child custody or even settlement of property against your siblings or your partner, make sure you ask your advisor:

  • If they have ever been held responsible for mishandling a case before due to lack of experience
  • If they have represented a case without any preparation
  • If they have failed to reach out to an experienced solicitor for advice on a legal matter
  • If they didn’t represent the case to benefit the client
  • If they have ever mismanaged the monetary resources of the client

Are you hiring a solicitor who is experienced in family law?

Experience is the most important factor for every industry there is. While we are all aware that every country experiences constant change in their law policies, it is important for a solicitor to understand the basic nature of this industry. Sometimes, two cases that are absolutely similar may be interpreted differently by two judges. The procedure of these cases may be held in an entirely different manner in terms of evidence and the ruling by the judge. In this case, if you choose a solicitor who has dedicatedly worked in family law, he/she will probably be in line with the upcoming trends. On the other hand, an inexperienced solicitor will probably not be able to make right decisions and manage your case maturely.

For instance: a family law solicitor who has dealt with a large number of cases related to divorces and child parenting time will be able to manage the division of assets and also handle the case more efficiently with a positive result. Additionally, you will know the direction in which your case is moving.

Questions to ask

If you are looking for the Best Solicitor in Clare who has dedicatedly been working in family law, ask the following question:

  • Are they dedicatedly working on family law?
  • How often do they take cases that don’t involve family law?
  • Does their reach extend to experts and other specialist within their firm and outside?
  • What is the number of experience they hold?
  • How many divorce cases have they handled in the course of 5 years?
  • Have they also worked on cases related to property settlement?
  • Did their cases also involve child custody?

Will your case be only handled by the solicitor who represents the firm?

Some people are often misled during the acquisition period. A law firm may sometimes send their best solicitor to crack the deal with you but the case, however, will be assigned to an attorney that you have never met. A lot of people have experienced times when a popular firm hands over the case to a member of their firm with the lightest schedule, irrespective of their expertise. In a situation like this, you must never hesitate in asking the attorney, who you meet with first, if they will be representing your case. If not, your judgment should be based after you have met with the solicitor who will represent your lawsuit. Make sure you do the due diligence before taking a step.

When you set up a meeting with a law firm, you mostly meet with an impressive attorney who knows your pain points and has all the skills to convince you into retaining them for your case. An advantage to your law firm should never turn into a problem for you. If they have put their first foot forward, you should always be ready to play your smart cards too. You can simply bring the elephant out of the room by asking if the guy who is in the meeting with you, will be the one handling your case. If not, request a meeting with your respective solicitor before announcing your decision.

Develop a rapport with your family law firm

There is a reason why family lawsuits are the most sensitive in nature. Fighting a suit against your family is the hardest thing one can ever imagine. Most times, you will find yourself struggling with the proceedings of the case. This should give you all the more reason to connect with your solicitor. While you are working with your solicitor on your case, it is important that you built a solid relationship. You will come across different stages in your case where you will meet your solicitor to discuss your case, speak on the phone and also exchange written correspondence. During all the stages, you and your solicitor will have known each other enough to understand each other reactions, gestures, and temper.

In this case, if your case is reassigned to another lawyer, you will probably feel that your case is not as important to the firm. A lot of times though, an experienced solicitor works dedicatedly on a particular case and hands it over to a junior solicitor for closing. In the middle of all this, it is important to believe in your law firm and your solicitor. Undermining their decision will only break your confidence.

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