This is (possibly) the last tilt I will have at the views of the “celebrity lawyer” who, in a newspaper interview, shared with us his considered views on law and order in Ireland.

He unashamedly declared his beliefs as follows; “ I am pro-police state. I would have every Garda in the country armed. I would tolerate nothing. Zero tolerance”

Does anyone remember Aesops Fables? Aesop was a Greek storyteller in ancient times who used his simple little stories as a way of illustrating a lesson or a moral. In one of these fables, called The Tortoise and the Eagle, (a story which had a messy ending), the moral of the story was;  “be careful about what you wish for because it might just come true”.

A police state is an odd thing to wish for. The Oxford English dictionary defines a police state as;                                                                                                                                              “A totalitarian state run by means of a national police force, using repressive methods such as covert surveillance and arbitrary arrest and imprisonment to control the population”


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