Getting hold of a solicitor who depicts qualities of a perfect legal advisor and also matches your requirements can be an extremely exhaustive job. It takes years for good solicitors to learn the secrets of the trade and build a reputation in their industry.

While in our quest to explore qualities that the Best Solicitor in Cork must exhibit, we came across the following skill set that is mandatory for every solicitor to represent your case:

Possess excellent communication skills

This one quality tops the list because boasting good communication skills is the most basic characteristics for a solicitor to be associated with your cases. Not only should your solicitor possess good written and spoken skills, but he/she must also be a good listener. While representing your case in the court before jury members and the judges, a solicitor can make use of their oratory skills in a convincing manner.

Written skills are necessary because solicitors prepare numerous documents day in and day out as a part of the legal procedure. It is always a good idea to refrain working with solicitors who are unable to express themselves.

Ability to draw reasonable judgement

Being a good legal expert is all about drawing rational judgement, thinking logically from all the limited information there is. To make this happen, your legal advisor must possess high intellectual and intelligent quotient. A professional with a high IQ will be able to view your case unfavorably and prepare for the proceedings by accessing the weak areas. This quality will strengthen and groom you for cross questioning from prosecution.

In the same light, if your solicitor has a rational approach towards his way of working, he will be able to identify the weaknesses of the opposition party. There will be times when your legal advisor will need to make decision on important issues, and this quality will be extremely helpful then.

Proficient in logical reasoning

Legal cases are lost and won merely by how your solicitor can mold the little information he has in your favor, this, in the most logical manner. It is impossible to win cases with very little information unless your solicitor has excellent analytical skills. In some cases, there is massive amount of information involved and comprehending it to make it useful is only possible if your solicitor follows a methodical procedure.

Complex cases that can be filed under different categories can confuse solicitors while the application is filed. However, there will always be a better option to choose from which only your solicitor can decide.

Exhibit research and development skills

Research and development skills are not just important to build technology or to bring about innovations, legal matters too require work that can be directed towards understanding the case and improvising it. Solicitors who possess good R&D skills can instantly look up the information and use it to strategize better towards strengthening the case. Like we said in the section above, sometimes there is a lot of information and there is very little at times.

Strategizing for a legal proceeding requires soaking up large information or making use of little information by filtering it and making it more useful. Solicitors who are good at researching on information instantly and developing ways to improve are worthy of association.

Boast human resource skills

Regardless of the industry one works in, embracing people’s skills is mandatory because you are working with people and for people. Like other professionals, solicitors too work with a group of people and for the betterment of people’s life, that makes it extremely important for them to be cordial with and around people.

Solicitors who have a pleasant personality are more successful in influencing judges and juries in their favor. Additionally, this quality helps them to read through the lines and also evaluate the reactions of the prosecution, the judges and the jurors.

Determination to resolve matters

Legal industry is very complex and to win complex cases, it is important for your solicitor to be persistent and determined to work towards the success. If your legal advisor is complacent from the beginning, it is ideal that you look for an expert who takes in charge diligently and dedicatedly prepares for your case.

In order to judge this quality of the solicitors you shortlist, make sure you let them follow up with you before you finalize them to represent your case. If you don’t get attention, it is a clear indication that you move on. 

If you are looking for the Best Solicitor in Cork, you can reach out to Legal Index Ireland to find legal advisor that not only possess analytical skills but are always very innovative in working with whatever information they have.

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