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Law firm marketing

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Legal Index Ireland/ Digital Marketing Agency for Law/ What is Legal Index Ireland?

Legal Index Ireland (LII) is the first A.I.-powered digital platform specifically designed for lawyers LII utilises a revolutionary new product (ranking by A.I) to help rank LII on page 1 of Google in more tha

30 January, 2021
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Tips for Marketing your Law Firm/ Law Firm Marketing Cork/ Law Firm SEO Cork/Creative Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the fastest marketing ideas you can use to increase the visibility of your company. Online advertising by law firms must include unusual marketing techniques that law

15 December, 2020
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Marketing Ideas for Solicitors/ Digital Marketing for Lawyers/ Law Firm Marketing Ideas in Dublin

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that aims to direct traffic to a law firm's website while potential clients search for keywords in search queries. Combined with other marketing

14 December, 2020
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Marketing Ideas for Solicitors/ How to Market your Law Firm in Dublin/ Digital Marketing

In 2017, it became apparent that Internet marketing by law firms is both time-consuming and complicated. SEO and good content are necessary to transform potential new clients into existing clients and thus achi

13 December, 2020
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Digital marketing for law firms/ Irish Legal Market/ How do I market my law firm in Dublin?

We are Legal Index Ireland. We are the first A.I.-powered platform that is specifically designed to help law firms market themselves in Ireland. As digital marketing has proven, in an industry saturated with

10 December, 2020