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Drink Driving Solicitors Cork Patrick Horan Solicitor Drink Driving Limit Ireland 087 7659 133

23 March, 2020

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23 March, 2020

Drink driving defence Ireland. Patrick Horan is regarded as a specialist drink driving Solicitor. His experience is without parallel in Ireland. The one word that Patrick consistently reiterates to new clients is “Detail.” As he explains it: “Detail is the golden rule. It is one of the least appreciated aspects of criminal defence. The trial Judge wasn’t there on the day that you were arrested and therefore doesn’t know what was said by whom and when. “So, the Judge is trying to assess the credibility of the witness as they give evidence before them, and one of the main criteria by which a Judge assesses the credibility of any witness is their recall of events. “What time was it? Where were they driving? Where had they come from? Where were they stopped? What did the Garda say to them? What was the weather like? Did anything strike them as odd or strange? “Witnesses consistently let themselves down by a poor recollection of what happened when they were arrested for drink driving. I’ve always made it a cornerstone of my defence of drink driving cases that on my first consultation with the client I insist that they write down in great detail all of the events which occurred on the day they were arrested while those events are still fresh in their minds. “It may be many months before the case comes to court and in that time essential details may understandably be forgotten”. When a person is arrested for drink driving numerous questions come to mind, usually all at once 1. Should I get a solicitor for drink driving? 2. What happens if you get caught drink driving in Ireland? 3. How long does it take for a drink driving charge to go to court? 4. Can you avoid a drink driving ban? Patrick is happy to go through each and every question that you may have in a clear and calm manner. His advocacy skills have been long recognised as much as his skill at putting clients at ease and making sure that they fully understand the court process from start to finish. As a former member of An Garda Siochana and outspoken critic of that organisation, Patrick Horan Solicitor has excelled in defending clients who have been charged with driving offences over the years. Defending drink driving charges before the courts is only part of the battle: understanding how the prosecution thinks is equally important. Patrick is uniquely placed to help you in this area and his advice in dealing with drink driving charges, as well as the steps to be taken when the Gardai are seeking a statement from prospective clients, has proven to be invaluable over the years. Patrick travels nationwide to defend clients charged with drink driving offences and has built a steady team of leading drink driving barristers to help him represent his clients wherever they've been arrested or summoned to court. Patrick works seven days a week. If you have a query or question call him. He'd be glad to speak with you. www.phelansolicitors.com (t) 021- 484 2368 (m) 087-765 9133 (e) [email protected] drink driving solicitors cork best drink driving solicitors cork drink driving lawyers cork best drink driving lawyers cork drink driving solicitors ireland best drink driving solicitors ireland drink driving lawyers ireland best drink driving lawyers ireland

Video Transcript

Is it worth it getting a Solicitor for Drink Driving?

In many cases the answer is unequivocally “Yes”.

You will lose your drivers licence if you are convicted of drink driving.

Patrick Horan Solicitor.

He is regarded by many as an leading expert on drink driving law.

Losing your drivers licence is a traumatic thought.

Call Patrick - any day - on 087 765 9133 for a free consultation.

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