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23 March, 2020

Support | Legal Index Ireland

23 March, 2020

Patrick Horan Solicitor has built a strong reputation over the years as a tenacious advocate on behalf of his clients. No other Solicitor practicing countrywide is a former member of An Garda Siochana. Having spent more than 10 years in that organisation Patrick Horan, more than any other Solicitor, knows how the organisation works at its core, as well as the hurdles it must overcome to successfully convict a motorist of drug driving or of being in possession of drugs.

He has been a staunch opponent of Garda Management over the years and their handling of An Garda Siochana. He has written articles for national newspapers outlining his opposition to the way the Gardai are managed. He has been interviewed by local and national media about the organisation over the years and is the most outspoken lawyer nationwide with regards to the running of An Garda Siochana.
These beliefs are strongly held by him and it was because of these strong beliefs that Patrick left the organisation in 2007, after 10 years of service. He has dedicated the last 12 years to advocating strongly on behalf of people who find themselves under arrest.

His persistence and willingness to fight hard on behalf of his clients has earned a grudging respect amongst the Gardai and the admiration of his colleagues who regularly seek his advice in defending drug driving cases, or cases where clients of theirs have been found in possession of controlled substances.

His expertise is unrivalled. Call him if you have any queries. He would be glad to speak with you.

Tel 087 765 9133.

E: [email protected]

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Video Transcript

If you've been caught in possession of an illegal substance the consequences can be severe.

Leaving court without a criminal conviction is vital for professionals.

Patrick Horan is regarded by some colleagues as one of the best criminal solicitors in Cork.

He is the only Solicitor operating nationwide that was a former member of the Gardai.

Being caught in possession of drugs is a very important matter.

Your choice of solicitor to represent you is equally important.

Call Patrick today in absolute confidence.

Tel: 087 765 9133. E: [email protected] www.phelansolicitors.com

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By: Support | Legal Index Ireland

23 March, 2020