The Chief State Solicitor’s Office (CSSO) is headed by the Chief State Solicitor, Maria Browne. The CSSO has over 250 staff who work in legal and administrative roles in the Office’s six Divisions: Administrative Law, Advisory, Constitutional & State Litigation, Justice, State Property and Corporate Services. The CSSO’s offices are located at Ship Street and Chancery Lane, Dublin 8.

The mission of the CSSO is to provide the highest standard of professional legal services to Government Departments and Offices, as economically and efficiently as possible.

The Chief State Solicitor’s Office was formally established under the Ministers & Secretaries Act 1924 and is a constituent part of the Office of the Attorney General.

Role & Functions of the CSSO: 

The Chief State Solicitor acts as the Solicitor to Ireland, the Attorney General, Government Departments, and Offices and State Agencies. The CSSO provides litigation, advisory, and conveyancing services to its Government clients. Among its responsibilities are:

  • Provision of a solicitor service in all civil litigation where Government Departments are involved
  • Advising on and preparing commercial contracts for Government clients
  • Conveyancing of State property and related property law services
  • Advising and representing the State parties in immigration, asylum, and refugee law cases
  • Provision of legal advice to Government Departments and the drafting of legal documents
  • Representing Ireland at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)
  • Acting for the State in extraditions, European arrest warrant proceedings, mutual assistance cases, and cases involving the transfer of sentenced prisoners
  • The preparation and presentation of all prosecutions initiated by Ministers or Government Departments
  • Acting for the State in inquiries under the Tribunals of Enquiry (Evidence) Act 1921 and supplying legal staff to act for the Tribunals
  • Representing the State and State Authorities in the taxation of costs before the Taxing Master

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