People who have been charged of criminal assault understand the importance of hiring professional legal help, irrespective of whether they have decided to plead guild or not. The truth is, that in either situations, hiring a good attorney can really affect the outcome of your case. There is no reason why you shouldn’t here a criminal law solicitor if you have been accused of serious charges.

Let’s discuss the many benefits of appointing a good attorney for your case:

Pass on your worries to your attorney

It takes years for a criminal law solicitor to build a reputable image in the market. Like all other industries, it is inevitable for the legal industry to continue in the same pattern year after year. The reason that laws are constantly changing, it is very important for an expert attorney to take over your case because they will be understand the fundamental codes of the law.

Solicitors from good law firms can understand all cases related to criminal codes that involve misuse of drugs, road traffic, sentencing and more. Passing on to the responsibility to an experienced solicitor can save you from worrying about the judgement from court and also reduce your stress while you continue with your life.

Reduce the chances of being exposed

Hiring the Best Criminal Law Solicitor in Cork can be a costly affair for some people but not getting on board with one can cost you a lot more than you imagined. An experienced solicitor is capable of saving you from being accused of false charges and lay the truth out in open if your innocent.

If the charges pressed against you don’t deserve serious actions, your solicitor can protect you from being sent to prison. In some cases, the legal authority reserves the right of placing your DNA on the national database that restricts you from moving to places and also causes problem in your professional life. If you appoint a criminal law solicitor, you can avoid getting your name placed in the state police records.

Get assistance during police interrogations

Police interrogations, after you have been arrested for a criminal assault, are not only the hardest part of the entire process but also the most important one. Normally, people are lost on words and are unsure about what they should be telling the police. You may also find the entire conversation too intimidating that may hold you back from justifying yourself.

In order to act on your rights, it mandatory for you to have a legal expert by your side. Criminal law solicitors deal with these situations day in and day out and their experience can be really helpful during your interview with the police. Legal assistance during these interrogations is also crucial because your solicitor can guide you through the entire process and will be able to better prepare your case if he is involved in every step of your case.

File in for your bail application

Relieving yourself from custody can be very difficult if you haven’t filed you bail application properly. If you have failed to present your bail accurately, there are very high chances that it will be refused by the court. In cases where bail is rejected, re-applying in the same court is not an option, unless the circumstances have changed.

To avoid getting into trouble, make sure you file your bail properly the first time. An expert solicitor can prepare your bail on your behalf and also present it in the court by arguing for your release. The last thing that you want to do is be stuck in prison while the judgement of your trial is finalised.

Organise and stage your evidence perfectly

Presenting your case appropriately is a very complex procedure, a very important part of which is organising your evidence and staging them correctly. If you don’t hire professional help and hand over your case to unpresented individuals, there is a possibility that the questions they ask does not meet the terms of the evidence. This may result in interruption from the prosecution while they cross examine the witnesses.

You can easily do away with this embarrassment by hiring the Best Criminal Law Solicitor in Dublin who will know how exactly the evidence should be presented. A good solicitor will also be able to prepare a line of questioning for the witnesses and dismiss the objections of prosecution if they are interrupted. Witnesses that are important for your case can be dealt with strategically so that their statements don’t go waste and give boost to your case as much as possible.

Discover the pain points of the opposition

To strengthen the base of your case, it is necessary that you know the weaknesses of your opposition and your prosecutor. You will only be able to identify the weak spots if your case is being handled by an expert. Knowing the weakness of your opposition will be beneficial if you can find them out before the trail starts.

A solicitor that has rich experience in hand can identify the flaws in the prosecutor’s case before your case goes for a trial. Your solicitor can easily find evidences that can be presented in court by the prosecution and make sure that it doesn’t get to the court. Carrying out this procedure is impossible unless you are solicitor yourself!

Incorporate public interest law in your case

Skilled solicitors that have years of experience in hand can also slip in public interest law in your case and argue with your prosecution for its dismissal. This can only be done if your solicitor is experienced and knows the appropriate time to include a public interest submission as a part of your case.

Slipping in a public interest submission can have a really positive effect on your case, sometimes also resulting in complete dismissal before the case even goes for a trial. The only way to go about it is to hire a good solicitor who can draft this submission in a certain way that is relatable to your case.

Decrease the possibility of imprisonment

The end of the case is not when you have been proven guilty or have pleaded guilty yourself, a case shuts close when your punishment has been decided by the court. There are multiple punishments that the court can decide for you but imprisonment can certainly be avoided if your case has been represented well.

Your solicitor are can act as a good influence on the final judgement of your case and also request an easier punishment for you. In case a sentence has landed your way, your legal representative can easily file for a plea in mitigation that can help to reduce the period of your time in prison, sometime also help in doing away with it completely.

Think of a heart surgery that you would never do yourself because the works suits the hand of those who are skilled to do it. It takes years of struggle and hard work for criminal solicitors to get in depth of their industry and understand the law completely. A good criminal law solicitor will act as a shield to your case and protect you from extreme outcomes. It is always important to remember that when the stakes are high, the cost involved is definitely worth it.

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